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As a research activity, the Center for World History supports research lectures in world history. [See current schedule].

In conjunction with the all-UC Multi-Campus Research group, "The World History Workshop," the Center for World History it also supports the regular conferences of the MRG. For a schedule, please see http://ucworldhistory.ucr.edu/

As a pedagogical activity, the Center for World History supports the teaching of world history at UCSC at all instructional levels (lower division, upper division and graduate) through periodic World History Teaching Forums.

It also provides Resources for Teachers. of world history. Three world history teaching projects are currently available:

The "United States and the World" project provides a model two quarter lower division syllabus that globalizes U.S. history, together with a Teacher's Syllabus and materials that explain the range scope and purposes of the project.

A second project is "Social Biographies and World History." It provides the biographies of some ordinary men and women viewed in the context of world history, together with a instruction brochure, "How to Write a Social Biography," aimed on encouraging students to write one.

"Commodities in World History" is a project that provides websites tracing the production and consumption of particular commodities viewed in a world historical context.

The research and teaching activities of the Center are open to UCSC faculty and advanced graduate students with an interest in World History.


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