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About the Center


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Advisory Board



Ex Officio

Edmund Burke III, Director
Alan Christy, Associate Director


James Clifford (History of Consciousness, UCSC)
Ross E. Dunn (History, San Diego State University)
Gail Hershatter (History, UCSC)
Paul Lubeck (Sociology, UCSC)
Ray Kea (History, UC Riverside)
Patrick Manning (History, Northeastern University)
David Northrup (History, Boston College)
Kenneth Pomeranz (History, UC Irvine)

Role of the Advisory Board    

  • Advise the Director, faculty and staff on matters pertinent to the CWH.

  • Be a strong advocate for CWH and its programs.

  • Undergraduate curriculum review. 

  • Help develop resources required to build excellent programs.

  • Help with the creation of opportunities and the placement of graduates.


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