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The undergraduate world history curriculum at UCSC consists of two types of courses: (1) world history surveys and (2) lecture courses, seminars and special topics courses on world history themes.

World History Survey Courses: The lower division world history survey "History of the World to 1500 CE" and "History of the World Since 1500 CE" (respectively, History 55A/B) is taught every year. It is an appropriate place for students interested in studying world history to begin.

The upper division survey "The Making of the Modern World 1500-1750" and "The Making of the Modern World 1750-2000" (respectively, History 101A/B) is also taught every year. It is especially recommended as a capstone class for undergraduate majors, and those interested in careers in K-12 history teaching.

Other World History Courses: The attention of students interested in pursuing world history is also directed to the History offerings on global, regional and comparative topics. These include both lecture courses and seminars (History 194 and 196). See the History Department website:

Relevant non-History courses: Finally, students interested in world history should investigate the rich offerings which bear on global, regional and comparative topics in other departments at UCSC.


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