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Graduate Training in World History at UCSC

World History at UCSC


Graduate Training in World History at UCSC


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UCSC offers graduate training in world history for students in both the M.A. program and the Ph.D. program. Students in the UCSC History Graduate Program must take four examination fields for the Qualifying Examination: a primary teaching field, a secondary teaching field, a research field and a non-History field.

Students interested in world history normally pursue world history as their secondary teaching field. Those students selecting the world history teaching field must take History 270A ("Patterns of World History, 1500-1750") and History 270B ("Patterns of World History, 1750-2000"). One or more additional courses with a global, regional and comparative dimension are advised.

While the UCSC history program does not presently include an option for a research field in world history, students interested in pursuing broader non-national history topics are urged to apply.

Prospective graduate students are especially welcome in the research cluster in colonialism, nationalism and trans-national movements. The Center for World History supports on-going research activities on the history of colonialism, nationalism and trans-national movements in global perspective.

For further information, please consult the UCSC History Department website.


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